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AutoQos for Enterprise -- real world issues?


We are building a cisco cert class which will cover AutoQoS for Enterprise. Just like to get some real world feedback on any issues when enterprise customers implements it...Like, some of the things we can think of are:

AutoQoS generates 10 classes of traffic. Most enterprise customers currently have 1-3 classes of traffic and some plan on moving to 4-8 classes of traffic. So most customers would consolidation the 10 classes that AutoQoS generates to meet the number of classes they offer. Adjusting the bw, and adding new matching criteria as you mentioned are definitely something customers would do too fine tune the config. Running the auto qos discovery on a periodic basic will also help to see what the traffic profile would look like so customers can modify or re-prioritize their QoS config accordingly


Re: AutoQos for Enterprise -- real world issues?

Hello Patrick!

Well, the number of classes are one thing to consider. There might be just the tendency to overengineer the number of classes and this could lead to an adverse effect: Too much hassle to get things finetuned and therefore not paying of. It is the underlying difficulty of DiffServ in general to get the right mixture of granularity and effectiveness with respect to operational cost and administrative burden vs. application performance.

The other aspect is, that MPLS VPNs and VLANs do only offer three bits for marking. So some customers do not see the point of having more than 8 classes, when most of their network doesn´t support them. Taking into account the hardware linitations with respect to number of queues on LAN switches, sometimes even less classes seem most reasonable.

As you already stated, many customers use less classes than the full Cisco model does. But still AutoQoS for Enterprise will solve one BIG issue: it will deliver some measurement based guidelines on how much bandwidth is needed for which traffic.

This will deliver a starting point for implementing QoS - and bring some light into the foggy and dark knowledge about applications in a network.

And finally, it will make the task of configuring the devices more simple.

Hope this helps! Please rate all posts.

Regards, Martin

P.S.: When are we to expect the new class? or will it be an update to QoS 2.1?

Re: AutoQos for Enterprise -- real world issues?

What is mostly overseen is the trust on non-trunk ethernet ports.

With "mls trust cos" which will be there with auto-qos, you have a trust problem if there is no trunk (gateway, CCM, WAN router).


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