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Avaya IP Agent and CCM compatability

We've recently had the Avaya IP Agent installed on a couple of computers and we've noticed a lot of static, jitter and delay on our incoming calls. Has anyone else experieneced similar problems. What kind of trace can I use to find out the problem? Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Avaya IP Agent and CCM compatability


A packet sniffer trace (ethereal / sniffer pro / microsoft network monitor) would be most useful. Either directly from the PC itself or from a PC setup on a port that "monitors" or "spans" the port where your Avaya IP Agent PC is connected. From previous experience, PC based VOIP applications are very CPU intensive, please monitor task manager on the PC to check for resource contention at the applicatoin level. Running a packet sniffer application on the PC will exacerbate the static/jitter if there is any resource contention. Beyond that, if you open a TAC case, we have tools to examine the audio packets (sniffer pro 4.7, amoung others) and check for inter-packet jitter, delay, and general audio quality in the sniffer trace. Usually these can be determinted by filtering the UDP audio stream and carefully watching interpacket arrival times and checking for any irregular packets (silence supression, RTP payload type = 13). Does the static/jitter occur on calls only to specific Cisco VOIP devices or to all devices? Is your call going through a L3 router? Any QOS on the L3 device? How about on the L2? Any L2 errors on the swich port for the agent?

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