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Avaya phones to Unity

I have an Avaya G3. I have Unity 4.0. We have a PBXlink that connects the two. The IP phones work great with Unity.

The problem is when a call comes in from the PSTN to an Avaya phone and then rolls to Unity. Sometimes the caller hears the greeting and sometimes the caller hear please enter your password. Internal calls from an Avaya to an Avaya phone works like it should. This problem seems to be only with PSTN calls.

The Avaya G3 is setup based on the PBXlink documents for bridge mode using a vector.

Any help is greatly appreciated.




Re: Avaya phones to Unity

Hi Trae -

I noticed you hadn't received any updates to your post. The majority of my experience is with the CallManager PBX, but I did have a few questions related to your problem. In your example, you said sometimes a caller hears the greeting and sometimes hears "Please enter your password". Does this happen for the same subscriber? It sounds like the external caller is reaching Unity's Opening greeting, and then pressing # to identify himself as a subscriber in order to reach the next password prompt. An external caller can reach the Opening greeting if the extension that is dialed is not "linked" to a subscriber or by dialing Unity's backdoor. Have you looked at Call Viewer to see what Unity sees as the call coming in?

Maybe we can sort through this together :-)


New Member

Re: Avaya phones to Unity


Thanks for the response. This issue is happening with all my users. I have also, looked at the call viewer to see what is going on. It looks like 3 or 4 calls work fine (going into the greeting). Then another 3 or 4 calls prompt the caller for the password. Ext. to Ext. call work like it should every time.

Example: I call from the PSTN, then dial x2810. x2810 rings then goes to Unity. In the Call Viewer under the Calling Number it shows the PSTN number some times. Other times it shows x2810. When it shows x2810 Unity thinks that it is x 2810 calling in to check messages. During test calls it seems like it shows the PSTN number 3-4 times then the ext. 3-4 times.

Again thanks for the reply. I am really stumped.


Re: Avaya phones to Unity

Hi -

Just curious - do you have a TAC case logged? Sounds like they should be involved - and could help you trace/validate the information that is getting sent from the PBXLink box to Unity. I'm wondering if the times it works, it is going through a specific path through the PBXLink box and a different path when it is not working (i.e. configuration differences on ports)? Or if you have multiple PBXLink boxes stacked together for load balancing that could be impacting you. Again, I would engage TAC in this :-)

Best wishes, Ginger

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