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Community Member

AvConvMsg_MC error in app log repeating.

What does this mean anything important? It has happened for the same user, on different ports, in the last couple days. Is there something I should check on the subscriber's account? (sorry, but I have to keep posting these errors since there is no repository like with 4.0)

Event Type: Error

Event Source: AvConvMsg_MC

Event Category: Error

Event ID: 10002

Date: 6/25/2003

Time: 9:39:47 AM

User: N/A

Computer: USFL09VM04


IAvDohRecipientIterator::Item returned [0x80004005] on line 342 of file e:\views\cs_UE3.1.4.39\un_Conv1\AvConvSubscriber\AvConvSubUtilsSvr\AvSPlayNamesSetup.cpp

Running conversation SubMenu on Port 1

Subscriber Display Name : Smith, John

Subscriber Alias : 999999

Running conversation SubSetupMenu on Port 1

Running conversation EditPrivateListsConv on Port 1

Running conversation SubPlayNamesConv on Port 1

Cisco Employee

Re: AvConvMsg_MC error in app log repeating.


Can you find any pattern in these? When does it happen? Can we reproduce? Do users hear failsafe when they are hitting this? What version are we talking about?


Community Member

Re: AvConvMsg_MC error in app log repeating.

Unfortunately, I can't reproduce the error. There is no set pattern and subscribers haven't complained about anything. Does that mean it is not that serious? I did notice that this subscriber had 8 errors on the 25th, 2 around 6:45 and 6 between 9:30 and 9:50 am. I also noticed that some other people have the same error, all at different times of the day. Is there anything else I can look for? This is Unity 3.1.5 with CM 3.3.

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