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AvCSMgr fails to start

Hi All,<br>Having some problems with reliability + Unity (2.4 Build on win2k, joined to the domain) consitently fails approx. every 24 hours or so, and when I reboot the box, 95% of the time AVCSMGR service will fail when it comes back up...its only by rebooting over and over (and over....) again that I can get it to come back up successfully.<br>Checking the event logs, everything is fine until around here:<br>- avcsmgr: init compnent MIU<br>- Component Miu found port2 as DeviceID6 (port 2 on device selsiusTSP.TSP)<br>- Component Miu found port1 as DeviceID5 (port 1 on device selsiusTSP.TSP)<br>(heres where the errors start)<br>- Source: AvMiu_MC : Component Miu: thread 0x00000864 had a failure on Port 2 in Method CAvMiuTapiLine::Open()<br>- AVCiscoTSP device 1: Failed to create a connection to CallManager<br>- (then another port 2 failure message "TapiLine initialize fail")<br>- AVCiscoTSP device 0: Failed to create a connection to CallManager<br>- (then port 1 fails, same messages as 2)<br>- No WAVE devices available - possibly no WAVE driver(s)[no lines could be initialized]<br><br>and from that point the AvCSMgr service hangs on "starting...."<br><br>I'm very frustrated with this, as I can't seem to narrow it to any particular symptoms. It starts successfully only at random (sometimes it will come right back up after a reboot, other times i will (literally) have to reboot it 10 times), regardless of what I do.<br><br>If anyone has any suggestions (aside from calling the helpdesk) on what I should be looking into, I'd really appreciate it.<br><br>Thanks in advance,<br><br>Matt<br><br>


Re: AvCSMgr fails to start

You will get this error if we cannot connect to the CallManager server for some reason. Make sure the CallManager server is online when you startup. You will also get this error if you have not disabled the "Remote Access Connection Manager" service on the Unity box.

When Unity 2.4.6 comes out, disabling the "Remote Access Connection Manager" will be unneccessary.

Aaron Belcher
Software Engineer
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