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avcsmgr hangs on startup

I just upgraded from Unity 3.0(3) to 3.1(4), and now when I reboot the box I get the error that one or more services failed to start. Unity is down and a check of the services shows avcsmgr as "starting". The event viewer says that avcsmgr hung on startup. After about a minute avcsmgr starts on its own and runs. Before the upgrade this occurred once in a while and I'd have to start avcsmgr manually. So the upgrade didn't cause this to happen, but it didn't fix the problem. The major problem is that, after this happens, Unity is somewhat unpredictable--sometimes it runs well for a long while and sometimes it crashes after less than a day. So I guess my question is what would cause avcssvr to hang for a while on startup and then start with unpredictable results? Thanks.

Cisco Employee

Re: avcsmgr hangs on startup

not sure right off the top of my head... can you check the application event log for errors and warnings during the Unity startup process? Might give us a clue what to look for. There should be a series of creates then inits then runs for each component in Unity, I'm hoping somewhere along the line something coughed up an error other than stating the service didn't respond in a timely manor.

also, is Exchange on or off the box? 55 or 2k?

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