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AvCsMgr service terminated unexpectedly.

1 x CCM 3.1 cluster<br>1 x Unity 3.0(1)<br>TSP 3.0.2<br>Exch 5.5 (Single site, multi servers)<br>Unity & CCM in their own domain with a 2-way trust with the corporate dom where the Exch servers are. Exch 5.5 on Unity server.<br><br>Unity has only been running for just under 2 weeks and it stopped today with the above message in the app event log. Users reported busy tone when trying to check messages. No other errors in the logs prior to this for today. That's it! AvCsMgr terminated unexpectedly, no more info in description which isn't helping much really.<br><br>Wondering if anyone has had any similar errors, services stopping unexpectedly etc. Had to restart Unity from the taskbar, but obviously I'm not too happy with this after 2 weeks! Only 50 odd people on UM, >500 phones allup. Looking to import more subscribers over the next few weeks, but I would really like to know why this terminated and didn't start itself up again gracefully.<br><br>Cheers for the help in advance folks,<br>d1nnsear.<br><br>PS. I'm in Europe so there may be some lag with responses while I toss and turn this problem over in ma bed!<br><br><br>


Re: AvCsMgr service terminated unexpectedly.

Actually that message is likely added to the event log during startup after the crash. What happens is when we come up unity looks at the logs to see if there was a normal shutdown in the logs. If not, it notes the fact that we were taken off line against our will.

this can mean power cycles, someone killing the AV*.* processes, another process on the box kicking us in the teeth etc...

Did the box reboot itself or was Unity in a down state and someone went and cycled the box? It'd be highly unusual for Unity to just fall off the earth with no prior warning at all. If the box booted itself, do you have the error notification system in Unity turned on and looking to reboot automatically on specific error conditions? This isn't the default configuration, you'd have had to set this up. It should also log in the application event log that it's doing this.

If the box booted, the ENU is not configured and there's no prior warning my first thought would be a power cycle of some sort.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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Re: AvCsMgr service terminated unexpectedly.

We have a new Unity 3.0 installation and this same thing happened to me this afternoon. No reboot, no power cycle. Unity stopped, but instead of users receiving a busy signal, the mailbox just rings without answer. Went to the console and the icon in the tray indicated Unity was stopped. Restarted it. Noted the event log ID: 7031 The AVCsMgr service terminated unexpectedly.

We use Exchange 2000, Unity 3.0

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Re: AvCsMgr service terminated unexpectedly.

I have been having thsi exact problem with Exchange 2000 and Unity 3.0(2). Realitivley requently, Unity will just stop responding. Users get a busy signal when they try to access voicemail. There does not appear to be any warning. The only way to get Unity back to responding is to stop and restart the service or reboot the machine. The only clue I have is the AvCsMGr service terminated unexpectedly in the event viewer. I really need to get this one worked out as the customer is going to be pretty upset if Unity stops responding all the time.

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