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AvCsServices event log error

we have recently migrated users from 5.5 to 2K, and then introduced them into a new Unity System. The users are able to access thier voice mail via IP Phone and are recving voice mail in thier mail clients, etc, but when they try to access the <servername>/saweb/aadefault.htm, they get an access denied from the Unity Service. It states they do not have a mailbox associated with their user account. This is not the case. <br><br>The event log error in the application log is:<br><br>AVCSservices<br>Gateway: no maiblbox associated with NT account<br><br>followed by the next event:<br><br>Gateway FindCScomponenetsEx Failed (called is denied access).<br><br>This is obviously causing alot of problems as the users are anxious to set up thier voice mail options. If anyone has experienced this and has a fix or knows what is happening here, I would be most appreciative of your comments.<br><br>All of the users are licensed for ActiveAssistant and thier class of service is selected to allow access, we have verified IIS authentication, etc... not sure what could be causing this. <br><br>Thanks.<br><br>


Re: AvCsServices event log error

The problem is those folks are on Exchange 2000... we don't support Unity in an environement with EX2K at all and wont till 2.5.

We have some changes to make to the security (particularly in the external apps needing to connect such as the SA/AA) and a whole raft of mailbox access and sycronization changes (not to mention a whole lot of testing) before Ex2K will work end to end. This is slated for 2.5 but I don't have a release date for that yet.

Short story: you're running an unsupported and untested configuration. I'll be willing to bet this wont be your only problem.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice

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