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Thanks for all your help this far Jeff!!<br><br>I have a couple questions on the status of AvImport.exe. I was curious if there were any development plans for this little beauty? It's a great app, I just would like to see some changes to the inteface itself.<br><br>1. Make the subscriber list boxes resizable. Also resizing the whole window to view all fields at once would be great.<br><br>2. Maybe a cool little box "Select all users with DTMF_ID". Real pain in the arse to sift through hundreds of users to find the ones you've already prepared. Also kinda frustrating when you mischecked one (that doesn't have a DTMF_ID) and it complains when you're ready to next through to start the import.<br><br>Thanks for listening!<br><br>Brent<br><br>


Re: avimport.exe

Yes, Tom is rewriting the import for Unity 3.0 (nothing planned until then, unfortunately).

Resizing should be there...

Alos, it'll allow you to sort all the columns now which will get you want you want with the DTMF_ID thing (i.e. everything with a value will sort to the top, empty stuff will sort to the bottom). Also handy for finding folks by last name vs. alias (we've had a lot of fun sifting through thousands of users looking for names/alias out of sort order).

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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