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AVMiu_MC Error

Hi ,<br><br>I´ve installed Unity 2.4.6(135)- 8 Sessions/100User German onto a W2K Server Sp2 as a member server connecting to an existing NT4.0 domain and Exchange 5.5 Site -no problems so far.<br>But whwn the Unity Server starts I get the following 4 error messages into the event log :<br>1.)Miu-Komponente: Fehler in Thread 0x000008B4 an Anschluß 1 in der Methode CAvMiuTapiLine::Open()<br><br>BESCHREIBUNG: TAPI lineOpen() failed with 0x80000049 (LINEERR_OPERATIONUNAVAIL).<br>DETAILS: <br> TAPI DeviceID: 3<br> Service Provider: Generic TSP. <br>2.)Miu-Komponente: Fehler in Thread 0x000008B4 an Anschluß 1 in der Methode CAvMiuLine::LineInit()<br><br>BESCHREIBUNG: Line Initialization failed.<br>DETAILS: TapiLine Initialize failed. <br>3.)Initialisierung der Komponente Miu fehlgeschlagen (No lines could be initialized). <br>4.)Miu-Komponente: Fehler in Thread 0x00000914 in der Methode CAvMiu::Initialize()<br><br>BESCHREIBUNG: No lines could be initialized. <br><br>As a result of these errors Unity won´t start .<br><br>I´m connecting unity 2.4.6(135)ML with the TSP 3.0.2 to<br>an Cisco Callmanager 3.1(2c).<br><br>The TSP Test AVSkinnyTSP-Wissard says that it has connected succesfully to the Callmanager via TSP.<br><br>Please Help.<br><br>Regards,<br>Markus<br><br>


Re: AVMiu_MC Error

That happens because on some localized versions of Windows, the internal TSP name of the Generic TSP is different than what Unity is expecting. The Unity component that deals with TSP devices tries and fails with its expected name. When that happens, Unity will try no longer to open up other TAPI devices.

This has been fixed in future Unity versions that have not released yet, but there is a workaround that you can try. Open the Telephony control panel and remove the Generic TSP. If for whatever reason you really need the Generic TSP, it can be re-added. Re-adding the Generic TSP will add it to the Windows list of installed TSPs, but it will be after the Skinny TSP.

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Re: AVMiu_MC Error

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your help - it´s working now !


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