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AVReceive2 Error - Payload Type 13 (Comfort Noise)


I'm still experimenting with sending/recording RTP streams and using the JMF samples AVTransmit2/AVReceive2...

AVReceive2 complains that it does not have a registered RTP Handler for Payload Format 13...anybody out there run across this, know of a work around, or have a simple Java program that successfully records a phone transmission.

I need something very lightweight...


Re: AVReceive2 Error - Payload Type 13 (Comfort Noise)

Ted.. did you look at the suggestion you got in the JMF forum? It looks like it's worth a shot - my experience with JMF is that you need to invest a good time reading documentation and then just experiment.

If you want to go the easy route then you have to look at CUAE (cisco unified application environment) which contains abstractions for many tasks.. .however it means a server, licenses and a new environment (which stops me from using it.. my axl and jtapi stuff works well enough and is easy enough to use not to bother with something else.. and I know all my bugs are either from the underlying cisco api or my own and I don't have to worry about another potential source for bugs).

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Re: AVReceive2 Error - Payload Type 13 (Comfort Noise)

Yes Stephan,

My solution has to be Java...

And it has to be lightweight...

After reading up, and putting Wireshark on - it appears that the CN is just a filler noise when silent, etc...and I plan to write a Payload 13 format handler, register with RTPManager, and simply toss the CN packets.

This will be good enough...if I can pull it off...

It really amazes me that there are so few examples (outside of JMF) out there dealing with this kind of stuff.

But I appreciate your help...and understand where you are coming from...

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