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AXL 6 - 401 Unauthorized Errors.

AXL 6 is buggy, that's a fact.

Be aware that when AXL returns a 401 unauthorized error, it doesnt necessarily mean your credentials are wrong - as evidenced by the fact that you can pass in one set of credentials, do a bunch of calls and when call manager feels like it, have some work and some return the 401.

Just an FYI from my own personal experience...

(e.g. I can start an app, have a call work, then the next call not work, returning a 401. Then without changing any code or my credentials, start the call process again and have it work. Note: This is NOT a throttling issue.)


Re: AXL 6 - 401 Unauthorized Errors.

I found the same issue in CUCM 5.1.3. So, after 401 I just repeat query.

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Re: AXL 6 - 401 Unauthorized Errors.

Thanks for the response!

I have a developer case open with Cisco right now on this... we'll see!

Looks like something broke when they went to Linux...

All works in 4.x

Re: AXL 6 - 401 Unauthorized Errors.

Aren't you just hitting the same issue like you already had with the incorrect formatting?

I can do about 50 subsequent operations (that's my test suite for a provisioning software) on users, devices, devicepools and lines just fine without any hitch on my lab system.

Other than the bugs I found where the CCM doesn't do what it's supposed to, I have somewhere between one and two dozen of objects (with all the commands.. so one get, one add, one update, one delete per object) that all work just fine and I have never gotten a 401 when I provided the proper credentials.


Re: AXL 6 - 401 Unauthorized Errors.

But those problems are where you are doing the same query in a loop just for different values.

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Re: AXL 6 - 401 Unauthorized Errors.

Negative man. I fixed the problem by repeating the call in a loop (I put a counter to kill it eventually) until it finally goes through AND CM IS ABLE TO SEND A RESPONSE. Its not formatting. The server catches my call and processes it (I can see it in the TRACE logs) it just fails on the return randomly providing a 401 or forced closed connection. This is a bug. The issue is communication from CM after the processing of the call to me. Cisco Developer services has it now.

As for you not getting these, good. I can only guess its the difference in our environment variables. Either way, thats not a user problem, thats a product development/and or requirements specification problem.

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