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New Member

AXL addPhone Conference Bridge

Dear All

I need to add a new Conference Bridge via AXL. This is my XML:




<description>Test CFB</description>

<product>Cisco Conference Bridge Software</product>

<model>Conference Bridge</model>

<class>Conference Bridge</class>

<protocol>Unicast Bridge</protocol>







If i try to send this AXL to CCM i get back this SOAP FAULTstring:

"Model and Class are not compatible".

I'm getting crazy because model and class are 2 enumerations i can read in AXL schema and i can't understand why they are not compatible.

Someone can HELP ME?


New Member

Re: AXL addPhone Conference Bridge

The same problem if i try to add a new Media Termination Point.

"Model and Class are not compatible".

I'm able to add only phones (Product Phone)

Noone could help me?


Re: AXL addPhone Conference Bridge

Have you tried going to the other way? Whatever you can add you should be able to get.. so if you take an existing MTP, can you get its properties via getPhone command? Then take the proper information from that getPhone response and plug it into your addPhone command.

If you can't get the properties of those devices via getPhone then I would conclude that despite the enums, AXL isn't meant to do that, or at least not with that command.

In fact, since you configure those things not in the device menu (and especially not via add device -> phone), I would be rather surprised if the addPhone command could be used to create such a device.

New Member

Re: AXL addPhone Conference Bridge

Dear Mr Steiner.

What you say is right and it was one of the first things i tried to solve my problem. (But without succes)

If i send this request:" sequence="1">


CCM answers with a complete list of Media termination Point (MTP_TEST) informations. SO IT WORKS FINE!! (even if in CCMadmin you see MTP and CFB in different areas than Phones)

If i use that informations to perform an "addPhone" request (obviusly i change the name of device!) CCM answers with:

"Unexpected element. Found . This element may be misspelled or out of order"

Then i remove the TAG from my request... and CCM answers with:

"Model and Class are not compatible]".

I tried to hack the addPhone request deleting other informations (in AXL schema there are many optional TAG that can be omitted) but i always get error.

Re: AXL addPhone Conference Bridge

Well, I'm fresh out of ideas then.. it looks like you're doing everything right.. I've thus included your problem in the list of AXL bugs. Have you opened a case on this?

The documentation is rather ambiguous on the networkLocation element.. you're not adding an FXS GW nor a Phone so I'd expect the element to be accepted.. yet it isn't.. either the documentation needs some updating or that's another bug.

New Member

Re: AXL addPhone Conference Bridge

I really think so!

I'm going to open a case with my company to CISCO. When i'll get any feedback i'll post here the results!

Thank you very much for support.

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