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AXL authentication

Hi there

I am trying to use the AXL API and am receiving a 401.4 back from the web server. I know that IIS is mapping the user correctly as the username is logged in the IIS log file and 401.4 is "denied by filter".

I am using the Administrator account for the box in the authorization header.

Is there any additional configuration that I need to carry out on the CCM server to enable AXL, or can anybody give me any troubleshooting tips?

Thanks in advance.


Re: AXL authentication

Have you tried accessing the url by browser? That should at least simplify the discovery process.. if authorization works properly, you should get a single line of text telling you that HTTP GET is not supported. But if you get that, you're through the authorization.

You didn't by chance touch the IIS config in any way? I guess one of the reasons Cisco is going down the appliance route is take away control from where users can mess up.. looking at how our IIS are configured, I wouldn't give control over my ccm to our IT - the security configuration of IIS enabled servers in our production environment is quite different from what you'd find on a CCM, and a standard install of an IIS.

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Re: AXL authentication

Hi Stephan

Thanks for your reply.

I get the same response if I access the URL http://callmanager/CCMApi/AXL/V1/SOAPISAPI.dll via the browser. We haven't changed the IIS setup to my knowledge.

Any ideas?

Re: AXL authentication


Do you have MLA enabled?

Try using ccmAdministrator or another MLA user

with appropriate rights.



Community Member

Re: AXL authentication

Thanks a lot Sascha that works.

Becuase it is Basic authentication I assumed that user credentials I needed were the Windows Administrator whenin fact its an account in CCM. I suppose the SOAPISAPI must be dealing with the IIS authentication events itself.

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