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AXL For missed call

Hi all,

Is there any way to check for a missed call by the IPPHONE APPLICATION? My customer ask us to find the solutions for when a missed call occured, send the text message to the WiFi Phone. I don't have any idea for how to determine the missed call. Please help


Re: AXL For missed call

Yes you can do that and the technology to be used is CTI - so TAPI or JTAPI for Cisco. Basically you monitor the phones, track calls and figure out when a call is disconnected that hasn't been answered. Then you do with that info whatever needs doing.

Though.. WiFi phone? Like a 7921? In that case why not simply have a shared line? Or is the phone out of range (but then you need to go to lengths to ensure delivery of the message when the phone is again in range).

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Re: AXL For missed call

Wifi Phone just for proof of concept, in the real product, must send it to public cellphones.

Is there any resources or demo code to do this?

Thank a lot for your advice.

Re: AXL For missed call

Well.. yes and no. As far as pushing information goes, yes the IP PHone Services SDK contains the Push2Phone sample which does just that. However, be aware that the SDK is for CallManager4 so the sample as such won't work but the information sending code would remain the same for newer CCM versions.

As far as call tracking goes.. the SDK also contains the CallerInfo sample which shows you the JTAPI basics.. it does a popup on incoming calls. Missed calls uses the same principle but you're looking at other events (not ringing but disconnect). Since I've never done just disconnects I cannot say if you'll have to track calls through their lifetime (as I'm doing with my application that keeps its own call log (so missed, placed and answered calls)) or if upon disconnect you have enough info to tell if it's a missed call or not.

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Re: AXL For missed call


Can you kindly help me, where can I found the example about get the Mis Called.


Re: AXL For missed call

As I said before, there's no sample about missed calls.. but the principle is the same as for incoming calls.. you run a (J)TAPI application monitoring the phones, and thus you track every call and for incoming calls you note if a call has been answered or not (getting a CallCtlConnEstablishedEv would mean the call has been answered.. so you keep the callid in memory) and then when you get the disconnect (CallCtlConnDisconnectedEv) you look up the callid again, and if you have it already, you know it is an answered call, and if you don't have it stored, then it's a missed call.

Figuring out if a call is incoming or outgoing is also not that hard. For each CiscoCall you have both the caller and the callee so you can check if the phone that gets the event has a line which is the caller or the callee.

Needless to say that you really need to learn (J)TAPI.. and it will take you a bit of time to get your bearings and there really is no shortcut. For JTAPI, I can recommend this as an introduction: Then check out the SDK and the samples contained therein..

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