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AXL Get Route Plan report?

Any one have any tips on retrieving the route plan report via AXL?

Also Im wondering if any one has tackled uploading a BAT file via AXL?

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Re: AXL Get Route Plan report?

Using axl:listRoutePlanByType and axl:getRoutePattern you can accomplish that objective.

First issue the listRoutePlanByType Request like this:" xsi:schemaLocation="" sequence="1">route

Then issue individual getRoutePattern requests for each Route Pattern referencing the UUID attribute you get for each pattern from the first call and there you go." xsi:schemaLocation="" sequence="1">'$UuidOfRpGoesHere

The result of this call gives you back pretty much everthing you can see on the CCM administrator user interface, for example you can catch any errors on Route Patterns with the 'Outside Dial Tone' flag disabled and thus save some precious troubleshooting time unting down the cause of getting secondary dial tone improperly, a common problem with CCM implementations.


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Re: AXL Get Route Plan report?

Thanks this did the trick!

Under the first requests I used

Device and it returns all the DNs with their devices.

Any suggestions on how I could get the request to return only the DN and not the rest of the information?

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Re: AXL Get Route Plan report?


I am new to AXL Programs. I am looking for the directions to start with AXL programs. If you could share some lights on how you retrieve the data, that would help me much.

Thanking You in advance.

Ramesh Vasudevan

New Member

Found this thread, was useful

Found this thread, was useful for me also with something i'm doing in CUCM10.

Cisco's changed the API slightly though, thought i'd post.  It's now called 'listRoutePlan'.  This call is in CUCM 8.5, 9.1, 10.5, and probably 11.5 also.

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:ns="">
      <ns:listRoutePlan sequence="?">
         <returnedTags uuid="?">
            <partition uuid="?">?</partition>


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