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Backing up Unity 2.4.6 without veritas.

Hi, we are running Unity 2.4.6 and will shortly be scheduling a backup via Veritas and agents. Is there another way of taking a snapshot of all the users and their telephone nos (possibly even their greetings aswell). I can see this facility on Unity 3.1(5) and it is a very useful tool to take a snapshot of the system incase of catastrophy.

Any comments welcome.

Regards Mark Wright.

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Re: Backing up Unity 2.4.6 without veritas.

There's no version of DiRT for 2.x since most of the directory info in 2.x was actually in Exchange instead of in a local SQL db I could get ahold of. The best you can do here is use FullDBExport (you can get the latest off - it's used for migrating from 2.x to 3.x/4.x and it does preserve greeting and voice names among other things but doesn't get messages or passwords - you can check out the help file for a complete run down on what it does and doesn't get.

However there are two versions of FullDBImport that you can use to restore it - one is used to import into 3.x/4.x clean installs and is supported by TAC. Another is for importing into 2.4.6 systems and is not supported by TAC - you need to keep that in mind here since I'm guessing in the event of a problem you'll want to restore into a 2.4.6 system instead of upgrading. I've had lots of sites restore into 2.4.6 systems and this was, in fact, the original intent I had behind the tool but it hasn't been through official QA cycles and TAC hasn't trained on it so there's no official support.

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Re: Backing up Unity 2.4.6 without veritas.

Well Thats Excellent!!, Thanks for your help here. It seems this will help us out 2 fold, as we will be upgrading to 3.X in the coming year.

Kind Regards Mark.

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