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Backup of CallManager .... process?

Can I use a combination of BARs and third party backup software tool on another server to backup up the OS state? For instance, if I ran BARS to a local directory on the server, the use my network backup software to grab a copy of that server (minus the database)



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Re: Backup of CallManager .... process?

Per the following link, Cisco does not recommend the use of 3rd party backup software.

The link below lists the data BARS backs up.

You can set BARS to backup CCM direclty to a network location as detailed in the following link. You can then use your backup software to backup the contents of this network location to tape, etc.

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Re: Backup of CallManager .... process?

I'm not really looking for a copy and paste answer here. If you read your last statement, this is where the question really stands.... an you do this or not.

So what is the process of the if the OS craps out? Do yo have to rebuild the server from scratch, then use BARS to put humpty dumpty back together again? There is no way running a snapshot type agent on the server that grabs a picture of it to a remote location?

Re: Backup of CallManager .... process?

I always use Acronis TrueImage to grab an image of the OS (with CCM installed). The good thing is you can backup directly from Windows. You can even do incremental backups, so that when files change, they will be updated. You can use a boot cd to recover the image from a USB drive.


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Re: Backup of CallManager .... process?

There is a way, it's just not Cisco recommended. The purpose of this and other such recommendations of not installing 3rd party software on Callmanager is to keep the OS stable so you wont have to rebuild it. So, if you follow Cisco's recommendation, then yes, you would have to reinstall the OS and then restore the configuration from backup.


Re: Backup of CallManager .... process?


If you are running MCS7835/45 you can buy a spare SCSI disk (2 for 7845) and mirror this disk.

Keep the disk in a safe...

If the OS crashes, you need to boot with the spare disk and restore latest backup.

Then re-mirror the disks and keep 1 in your safe.

We do this all the time, and is a very quick restore procedure. Just keep remirrorring after OS upgrades adn know that it's stable...



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