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Backup Strategy for Unity

In our Release Notes of Unity 2.46 and above we do recommend using the Veritas Software backup ptogram as a strategy for backing up Unity server. We also give some procedures on how to navigate in the Veritas porgram of Backup Exec and what to backup on the Unity Server GREAT!<br><br>What if the customer has another Back strategy from say ARCServe. Will we support/recommend this too?<br>Are there specific procedures for backing up with ARCServe say that we need to be aware of?<br>Exactly what on the Unity Server needs to be backed-up?<br><br><br>


Re: Backup Strategy for Unity

The only product that Cisco has tested is Veritas Backup Exec. ARCServer or other products might work but Cisco can't offer any support/recommendation since we have never looked at them.

Here is info on backing up Unity 3.0:


Keith Chambers
Unity Technical Lead
Unified Voice Team, San Jose
Cisco Systems


Re: Backup Strategy for Unity

As an aside here... let me throw this out and see what folks think. I'm currently working on a DisasterRecovery tool as part of the new applications team I'm running (AnswerMonkey comes in house, basically). The purpose of this tool is to backup all Unity specific data out of the registry, SQL, local files, greetings, etc... and dump it out to a designated location (presumably a shared network drive in most cases). This can be configured to run on a schedule such that it's always resonably up to date.

When there's a disaster (i.e. Unity box gets hit by an asteroid or something) the customer must rebuild the box to the point where Unity is running as a new install. You can, of course, take the opportunity to install on new hardware, maybe switch to off box Exchange etc... no problem. Once you're here, you run the restore portion of the app which reapplies all the Unity specific settings, right down to phone passwords, greetings etc...

The basic idea is to disassosiate myself from the backend configuration which can be varried. It's up to the customer to make a backup of the OS if that's what they want to do and/or Exchange... the message store is their territory.

From my perspective this is a reasonably clean backup/restore model since the customer can use whatever backup method they're comfortable with for the OS/Exchange/Domino/Whatever and we'll take care of the Unity data on our end. This way we don't have to worry constantly about qualifying various backup methods/tools and the like. For POV boxes this may be an issue since folks may want an "all in one" push button solution they don't have to worry about... that's a situation where we can point them to a package we approved and roll with it.

Anyone have any objections to running down this path?

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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