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Bandwidth CAC on GK - Need Advice!!!

I'm new to GK so would appreciate any help I can get on this.

Say if I have 2 x local zones managed by the same GK. ZoneA & ZoneB, and I want to restrict to allow to have only 3 interzone calls.

Q1) Is there much difference if I do:

bandwidth interzone zone ZoneA 192


bandwidth total zone ZoneA 192

bandwidth total zone ZoneB 192

Q2) Say if i use the 'bandwidth interzone' command, do i need to put it in both directions?


bandwidth interzone zone ZoneA 192


bandwidth interzone zone ZoneA 192

bandwidth interzone zone ZoneB 192

Q3) On a different scenario, if on each zone i only have 1 x GW, would the bandwidth total zone command be meaningless coz there is only 1 x GW in the zone?

Thanks for your help in advance =)


Re: Bandwidth CAC on GK - Need Advice!!!

There's no way to ask GK to wait to do CAC and send back the ACF for the call, then go back and check CAC later. The issue here will be to control the BW request from the orginating phone on the ARQ to the correct voice BW so that when GK checks the ARQ, it will respond accordingly to that.

The Cisco Gatekeeper may reject calls from a terminal due to bandwidth limitations. This may occur if the Gatekeeper determines that there is not sufficient bandwidth available on the network to support the call. This function also operates during an active call when a terminal requests additional bandwidth or reports a change in bandwidth used for the call.

This URL should help you:

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