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BARS Backup and disk space issues

Have BARS backing up 4 servers (CCM, CER, 2 CRA servers) and running into disk space issues if they are backed up at once (scheduled job).

Since there isn't a way to change the stage directory (that I know of, that is supported) - is the only viable means to move BARS from publisher and build a dedicated server to install BARS on with plenty of disk space to cover the amount of data all the servers use? I recall BARS documentation stating that it can be installed on any server with SQL, etc and proper components. Has anyone install BARS as a "backup server" on a regular windows server?

Anyone know if BARS will be able to split each data source off into it's own backup file instead of combining all of the sources into one file, to maybe help on the disk space issue while backup is running and amount of data in stage folders.

Thanks in advance.


Re: BARS Backup and disk space issues

why not specify the "Dedicated Server" you already have as the Storage Server. So Bars will Upload all Backup to your dedicated Server.

Re: BARS Backup and disk space issues

Thats not the issue, it is the staging of the files which is local to the BARS server on C: drive. This can't be changed to another drive I don't believe and I wouldn't want to stage the files to a network drive. Perhaps a bigger drive/partition in the server but as far I know and read there is no such option to change where staging files are stored.

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