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BARS restore issue

Built out new callmanager 4.2.3 sr3 to match the existing one, backed up the existing call manager with BARS 4.0.1400. I have put the new server on an isolated network so that I could use the same server name and IP address but still I get an error saying Hostname-IP address do not match for (IP address)

I have verified that the names are the same, the network settings are the same and the call manager versions are exactly the same and still it does this. Can anyone help?


Re: BARS restore issue

Hello David,

Could you please attach the output of an "ipconfig /all" from both servers? I have seen this issue before and it was because there was a mismatch under the "DNS Suffix for this Connection" on the TCP/IP settings and the "Primary DNS Suffix of this Computer" on the System Properties >> Computer Name settings.

Those must match between both servers. In addition, have you checked the Host and LMHost files? Are we able to get CCM IP address by pinging the hostname?

Hope this helps!

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Re: BARS restore issue


Sorry but our servers are isolated I can not get the ipconfigs out of the secure enviornment. However I did compare and the Primary DNS suffix did not match. I corrected that and now except for Physical address both configs match exactly. Still though I get the error. Not sure what to do from here guess I will have to open a TAC case for this. Unless you have any other ideas.

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