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Base Phone Config with Extension Mobility

We are using extension mobility extensively, to allow multiple agents to log into the same phone. We have configured non DID numbers on the lines of the base phone config. When an agent logs into the phone, their device profile assigns their real DID number, and this works fine. A problem exists when the phone is not logged in however, and it only has the non-DID line showing. If a call is made from the phone, when it is not logged in, the caller ID shows an unreachable number, to the called party. We are using an external number mask of NNN-NNN-xxxx, which normally works fine in the case of a DID. How are other people setting up the base config of the phones that are used primarily for EM. If nobody is logged in, we really don't need a DID assigned, but is that the best way to solve this problem.



Re: Base Phone Config with Extension Mobility

Have you tried setting the external phone number mask on the non-DID extension to be the main number? That is what I usually do.

for example: 5555551212 is set in the external phone number mask so that is what shows up as external caller ID.

If you are modifying the mask under the route list or gateway itself you will need to do some experimentation to achieve correct results as the route list or gateway mask will overide the individual extension mask.

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