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BAT 5.0(2) & User Edits to Telephone Numbers

CCM 4.0(2a)SR2b. I have a need to change the Telephone Number field for users. I want to prepend a 2 digit code to the existing 4 digit extensions the users have defined so the display in Corporate Directory searches shows this 2 digit prepend without affecting the actual DN assigned to the line. The BAT field labeled 'Directory Number' changes the 'Primary Extension' in the User information. DCDirectory has a Bulk Update capability, but I've been unable to make the desired changes using this method.

Is there a way to affect this field via a bulk method, or are we stuck modifying each user's Telephone Number field manually?


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Re: BAT 5.0(2) & User Edits to Telephone Numbers

Were your Users entered into your system initially using the BAT file? If so, you can cut and paste the UserID (which is mandatory) into a new BAT file, using just the "Update Users" tab/worksheet. Also cut and paste the associated Telephone Number field - this is where you may need to manually key in the 2-digit prepend, unless you can figure out how to insert those digits into that field without deleting the number already there, an Excel macro perhaps? Once created, this new worksheet can be imported into CCM using the Update Users submenu under Configure while in the BAT tool. It's a good idea to read the Help>For this page notes about using values/symbols for fields that you wish to have ignored.

Hope this helps.

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