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BAT and DC Directory


I am using CCM 3.3(2). The DC Directory has got problems and it seems unrepairable. I am planning to install the CCM afresh but I want to keep the existing phone configurations ( 230 phone devices are configured). I have tried to use BAT export option. While exporting it is giving message that this much number of devices are getting exported. But the exported file is of zero size (no data). Is the problem related to DC Directory issue anyway? If so any other way to take out the existing phone configuration?



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Re: BAT and DC Directory

DC directory could definetly be a problem here if you are trying to export any user info with BAT.

Since DC Directory backs its database up every day at 2am, I would think that you probably have a good backup of the dcdirectory datbase that can be restored. The method for fixing dcdirectory is outlined here:

This will work with 3.3(2) but not with 3.3(3).

Before doing anything, copy the c:\dcsrvr\backup folder off to a safe place.

Before doing step 7 here, copy the folder back so that the restore will be done from a good backup.

Since DCdirectory functions independently from callmanager, you can certainly get it fixed or reinstalled. I would highly advise taking this approach.

BAT was never intended for use as a backup tool, if you still want to go ahead, please use mcsbackup, the standard callmanager backup software(3.5.44 or higher). If you need help or have questions, open a case with TAC.

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Re: BAT and DC Directory

Thanks for the suggestion....

But the problem is little different. The backup what I have got also is having DC Directory problem. So if I restore the same, the problem returns even after a fresh installation. What I am trying to achieve by using BAT is to take out the phone configuration database ( No users, only phone export) so that I can avoid reentering all the 230 number of phone details. But the export is creating problem. The xported phone file ( csv ) is blank.

Hope I have mentioned the requirement properly.



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Re: BAT and DC Directory

What does the BAT log file tell you? Please see here:

This statement is key:

"Your CSV Name Template selection determines your export option and links to the export option radio buttons."

After the export, click on "View latest log file" after your export to make sure that BAT exported what you need.

Here is the latest troubleshooting guide:

The best discussion about how BAT works is actually in the help file for BAT that resides on the calmnagaer itself.

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