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BAT Application

Do any of the Cisco people know if the BAT application on Call Manager will support Call Forward on No answer in a future release

Cisco Employee

Re: BAT Application

BAT has supported CFNA since the very first version. What may be confusing is that the CFNA for the lines is not configured in the CSV file using the Excel template file, it's actually configured in the phone template configuration on the BAT web page.

Community Member

Re: BAT Application


I am aware of the CFNA entry in the template but this is not what I need.

CFB & Pickup groups are in both the template and the csv input but CFNA is not.

Several of my customers wish to have CFNA to specific tel Nos which are not common to any other phone. This would mean every phone would need an individual template and individual csv bat file.

Any thoughts?

Cisco Employee

Re: BAT Application

BAT 4.2 has space in the CSV file for CFNA destinations for the lines. It is still in the phone template on the BAT web page, but anything you put in the CSV file for CFNA will override the phone template setting, just like CFB.

Note that BAT 4.2 only works with CallManager 3.1, and BAT 4.2 is the only version of BAT that works with CM3.1

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