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BAT running very slow

I have CallManager 3.3(3) and am running the BAT to update settings on phones. For instance, I am changing the CSS on lines and it is taking 7 seconds per record to update.

Can I close the BAT Transaction Status window without any ill effects? I've got 753 records on this latest update and it looks like it would take 1 1/2 hours to do this. I think I would be better off just closing the BAT window and updating the lines manually.

New Member

Re: BAT running very slow

On another note, the CPU on the publisher is at 100% while the BAT is running. The three processes using the most are DLLHOST.EXE and sqlservr.exe with ccm.exe as a distant third.

Re: BAT running very slow

BAT does run slow,

It's not unusual for BAT to consume 100% of the proccessor for the entire install/update of information. If your phones are running from a subscriber this shouldn't matter, but if they're on the publisher then they will experience severe delays (2-3 seconds for dial tone).

The read me for BAT does state to do all transactions at non key times for a good reason. The update status window is just a nice touch so you can see how far it's gotten, close it if you are prepared to wait till the end.


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