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Bat Tool Question

I have a end-user setup on a 7960 that looks like this line 1 PDN , line 2 roll-over , lines 3,4,5 and 6 speed dials...these ( 95 of them) phones will all have 7914 expansion modules, loaded with question is , Is there a way to add all of these DN's to the expansion modules thru the BAT tool ? I was thinking of making a 7960 template w/ a 7914 expansion module as part of it and on the BAT side blow the spreadsheet to out to 20 lines...just don't know is they will fail when I insert them...what do you think...Thanks


Re: Bat Tool Question

Yes, this will work. Just build your phone template to match the real physical phones, the template builder is perfectly happy to let you add sidecars. You will need to add a button template that has the appropriate number of lines on it. When laying out your BAT CSV file, the line numbering will be by line and not by button - for instance, for your setup with two lines on the 7960 and four speed dials, and then the entire sidecar is defined as lines, the first line on the sidecar will be considered line 3 and not line 7.

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