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Beeping when accessing outside line (9)


When I press "9" to access outside line, right before I hear the outside dial-tone (all relevant route-patterns are configured to provide outside dial-tone) I hear three very quick beeping sounds and then comes a dial-tone.

I have quite a few route-patterns for accessing PSTN (hence using outside dial-tone). Does anyone know what could be causing this beeping? I suspect that I have some checkbox checked on one of the route-patterns, I just want to know where to look.




Re: Beeping when accessing outside line (9)

The only thing I can think of offhand is the three quick beeps could be from either having FAC/CMC enabled on the route patterns or MusicOnHold is being invoked by a quick hold (network-hold).

You hear 3 quick beeps for tone on hold (no music file or when MOH server is not running) when someone is put on hold, or a network-hold is done by ccm for some reason. As a quick troubleshooting/isolation step, you could set the tone on hold timer value under call manager service parameters to 200000, this disabled the 3 quick beeps at start of hold.

Are there any partition/region differences, mtp, etc for where these route patterns are going? Overlapping dialplan and it's trying something else also?

A CCM Detailed trace would give the details on what is happening and causing it.

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