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Best way to include 1-800, 866, 877, 888 into Device/line approach to CSS

I am running Call Mgr 4.1.3. Due to the number of small remote sites that we are expanding to, I have been using the Device/Line approach to Class of Service to minimize the number of CSSs and PTs. I used the textbook method of defining BlockLocal, BlockLD, BlockIntl, Block nothing. My LongDistance Translation Pattern is 9.1[2-9]XX[2-9]XXXXXX. This blocks 800, 866, 877, and 888 in my BlockLD partition. What is the best way to include these 8xx series toll free numbers into the Device/Line method so that they are included into the COS that allows local calling? My guess is that in the 9.1[2-9]XX[2-9]XXXXXX translation pattern assigned to the BlockLD partition, I would add 9.1800XXXXXXX, 9.1866XXXXXXX, etc, translations and click "route this pattern" and associate it also with the BlockLD partition.

Is that the correct approach - or is there a better approach? Thank you.

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