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Best way to move user from 7940 to 7960 and vice versa

We are going to be performing many phone swaps due to our inventory and demand for phones. We would like to know what is the best way to move a user from a 7940 to a 7960 and vice versa.

RIght now, we have been bringing up a new 7960 and let it auto register. We then copy the MAC of the new 7960 and delete it. Immediately after that we paste the new MAC into the old 7940. We then update and reset right away. After doing all this, we get "registration rejected" on the new phone. I'm pretty sure this is because the phone model number on the new 7960 device is actually still showing a 7940.

We do not want to delete the DN and have to create it later because we might encounter changes that the user wanted. So, is there a way to make our life easier or do we really have to write the settings of each DN and phone for the user.

PS: We just installed CM a week ago, so this is very new to us.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Best way to move user from 7940 to 7960 and vice versa

Try using the Bulk Admin Tool (BAT). This should allow you to Export and import settings on CM.


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