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best way to prioritize voice traffic

we're testing VoIP from US to East Europe. I've had good results so far. I wanted to tune it a little. My configuration is:

phone -> 1751 -> 1720 -> Internet


LAN --------------

Only voice is going through the 1751. Voice from the 1751 is combined with data from our LAN and goes through 1720 to Internet. I would like to configure the 1720 to give priority for traffic going to/from the 1751. I was going to use rtp reserve or priority, but it doesn't give me that option on the 1720 (IOS 21.1-3). What's the best way to do this? TIA.

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Re: best way to prioritize voice traffic

Well, since you're going to the internet, you don't have end to end control. As soon as traffic hits the first hop (that is not configured to look into your IP packet ToS/DSCP bits) your voice no longer will be getting priority. That router may or may not have some type of QoS in place. Typically though, internet routers wont be configured in such a way.

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