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Blocking Called Number on the FXS voice port

hi, currently my setup has a FAX machine that is hooked up to a FXS port on a 3640 router, and transmits/receives faxes via an E1 port on the same router.

right now, we need to BAR dialled digits that begins with 9008.... hence is there a way whereby we can filter and bar this dialed number on the voice-port ?

any suggestion will be greatly appreicated. Thanks!



Re: Blocking Called Number on the FXS voice port


Is there a call manager in the config or is it just the FXS ports, E1 port and router. I'll respond based on there being a call manager.

Configure the Dial-peer voice X Pots that you use to connect to the E1 to use a different destination pattern than 9 e.g.88.

Configure a dial-peer voice X voip with a destination pattern of 9 and session target of call manager.

On call manager configure all the Route patterns to strip 9 and prefix with 88 before sending to the gateway (I would do this bit in the Route List / Route Group configuration then nobody sees it in the display).

Apply a CSS to the Gateway that can not call numbers beginning 9008.

Now when the FAX dials any number begining 9 it goes to call manager which then can block out going calls.

Any call from a CM extension beginning 9xxxx gets converted to 88xxx which the gateway can handle because of the new dial-peer.


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Re: Blocking Called Number on the FXS voice port

Hi Paul,

yes, theres callmanager in the setup as well. Thanks so much for the suggestion, but perhaps my query was a bit misleading.

The FAX is connected directly to the 3640 FXS port (on 3/0/0), and theres a dial-peer voice pots configured for it. The issue now is that the user would like to BLOCK any FAX users from dialling the 9008.... digits (as its a IDD line) on this particular FXS port only.



Re: Blocking Called Number on the FXS voice port


If you need to apply call barring to individual ports on the router then you are going to need to configure the router as MGCP. I know that's probably not what you wanted to hear.

Because the gateway is H.323 you can not specify different restrictions for different end-points on the router. My first suggestion would bar all ports on the router from dialling the 9008 numbers you wanted to block. (Though I'm suprised this is not sufficient, if you want to block one fax machine then don't you want to block them all?)

The only way to get round it is MGCP - Have Fun


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