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Botched Unity Migration using DiRT

Today I restored the unity server using DiRT and migrated it into my domain (as opposed to in its own domain, where it was previously) using our domain corporate exchange server as the mail store (as opposed to Exchange on the box).

Everything worked except mailbox integration. The former mailboxes that were on-the-box were placed into the "Users" folder... and not intergrated with the exchange accounts that were in place for our Exchange mail users. So now, I have two seperate accounts for each user in my domain - a unity account and their regular domain account that should of been the target for the unity restore.

I think the problem with the restore that was the "uinstaller" account didn't have full mailbox access permissions on the external exchange server. So when it tried to recover to that mailbox - it got an "access denied" error.

I am looking for suggestions - please - about what to do at this point. I need to get these accounts that were recovered from the unity restore (holding messages and greetings, etc) into the regular domain accounts somehow..


Cisco Employee

Re: Botched Unity Migration using DiRT

A look at the SQLSyncSvr logs in the commserver\logs directory would help indicate what happened but a number of things could have caused this - the first and most obvious one is that the mail aliases didn't match on the system you were moving from to the system you were moving to. Since these are in different domains the directory ID and RDNs would not have matched so the mail alias was the only lookup that would have been left. If they don't match, the SQLSynchServer creates new accounts on the fly as it should.

If the aliases do match then for some reason the Synch server wasn't seeing those accounts in the directory or if they were the account associated with the directory services didn't have rights to modify them and it failed - the synch server logs would say for sure.

To get your subscriber data onto the proper email accounts you can use the Migrate Subscriber Data tool - this will not move messages for you, however, only Unity subscriber data. You'll have to move the messages manually.

Community Member

Re: Botched Unity Migration using DiRT

Thanks! This is working great so far.. The major problem that I have ran into after integrating the accounts seems to look like an authentication error. Whenever a user tries to play a voice message to their phone from VMO, they get .. :

"Access was denied when connectiong to the voice server. To use the telphone you must be logged into Windows using the account associated with your subscriber account."

But they are.... Any ideas on this one? Could it be that Unity does not have a current replicated copy of the AD Structure?

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Re: Botched Unity Migration using DiRT

I've got the solution on this one for anyone who's interested. DCOM was not enabled on the unity server - to enable it, type dcomcnfg in the run field, if any errors pop up - click "yes" and then enable DCOM.

Reboot and this should work.

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