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Brand new 7912 intermittently rebooting

I have deployed a brand new 7912 with a SIP image (8.0.1(060412A)). The device registered and is able to receive/make calls however the device is intermittently rebooting with no error message. The logs on the phone also contain no information. The phone is powered by PoE, looking at the logs on the switch all I can see is the switchports going down and up again. All patching/cabling is new so I am doubting it is a problem with this, I can also see no errors on the switchports connected to the phone.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Brand new 7912 intermittently rebooting

just to be sure the port is fine, see if another phone can be put in that port and if it encounters the same symptoms over a period of time.

if so, focus on the switch/port or cabling.

if not, try a different load on the phone if possible.

also, to be exactly sure what call manager knows, enable detailed tracing for 'callManager' and 'enableAllPhoneDeviceTrace'.

when this tracing is enabled, let the phone do its intermittent rebooting, note the time(s) it happens and then view your traces for the event.

this can tell you if CCM invoked the reboot or any other activity with the device.

see this link for more info on CCM trace for diagnostics:

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Re: Brand new 7912 intermittently rebooting

Thanks for your prompt reply. I probably should have mentioned that the customer is not running CM. This customer opted for a non-CM SIP call manager application.

I'm going to try swapping out the phone with another this morning. I have also noticed that the phone is running a later image than most phones on the network. I will try rolling this back.

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