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Bridged Appearance Feature

Hi - I'm looking for assistance implementing an feature on a Cisco Call Manager network. In the Avaya world, the feature is called "bridged appearance." In short, it allows a line appearance to appear on multiple phones, e.g., a broker and his assistant. In our case, the line rings on both sets, and can be answered by either user. Easy so far.

The catch is that both the assistant and the broker need to be able to talk to the client at the same time. I.e., the assistant answers the call, tells the broker to pickup, and both users talk to the client. The assistant can then hang up and the call is transfered to the broker.

I can sort of do this by using the barge feature. When a call comes in, the assistant answers it. The broker can the barge into the call, at which point a three way conference is initiated. The problem is that the audio streams are mixed on the assistant's phone, so, if they hang up, the call is gone. (On the Avaya, the conference is mixed in the switch.) Of course, the assistant could place the call on hold, and the broker could then pick up on the held line.

The issue is that this requires significant end user training. Does anybody know of a different way I could accomplish this? I'm not opposed to having some type of XML application written specifically for this. The key is that it has to be intuitive to use and preferably be a one-button solution.

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Re: Bridged Appearance Feature

Couldn't you just have the assistant, or whichever one picks up first, conference in the other party. At that point if either one hangs up, the other two are still in a conference?

Am I really far off on this?


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Re: Bridged Appearance Feature

No, I don't think you are far off at all. The problem is that the client is insisting that the broker initiate the bridge, and also that the solution only use the one line appearance.

I think the conference feature could be a workaround, but we really want to preserve the same functionality as is available on their existing Avaya system.



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