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broadcast paging

Is broadcast paging supported on the CM 3.3 ?

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Re: broadcast paging

Broadcast Paging is not an option that you can pick within side of CCM 3.3. However you can either do one of four things:

1. You can setup a shared line that auto-answers when dialed and then have a Speed Dial Button assigned on the phone labled Paging (or whatever you want to call it)

2. You can use an FXO or FXS port to tie into an overhead paging.

3. If you run unified messaging you can setup distribution list and send out a message that way and then you can control who can send the message.,

4. Third party XML code like Berbee that has something that you might to talk to them about.

I hope this helps.


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Re: broadcast paging

I agree with the above statement the question though is do you have the money to spend on a solution or can you wait? Call manager itself doesn't do this now but possibly in the future?

There is a solution out there from Berbee but I don't know how well it works. If it's anything like the server I have for this it's pretty quirky. The one I use is a plugin to the Norstan NIPA server line with IP Zone Page as the App. that runs it. I am still troubleshooting it though and do have it down about once a week due to a service stopping without much info to find out why. That being said choose your product wisely. Ask for a demo first to try it. Also keep in mind that many of these products rely on multicast which you may or may not have configured so be prepared to configure it if you decide to do this.

Comment number one I have to disagree with since a shared line can not auto answer. Or there is a way that I have not found yet.

Comment number two also won't quite work since you would have to have more equipment. Fortunately I have done this however and know what it needs. I have only found one piece that can do the conversion but I use either an FXS or an ATA and then punch it down onto a Bogen TAM-B which is a paging port converter. It converts a standard analog line into a paging trunk. It will auto answer when it gets ring voltage and then send the output as standard paging output to an amplifier.

The question of FXS versus ATA depends on what you want to do with it. ATA's are fine for just one line or maybe two since they are cheap and provide everything you need. If you are looking into multi zone paging however and are going over 2 ports needed you will want to use a 4 port FXS and

4 TAM-B's. You need a TAM-B for each zone you would want.

Hope this all helps on your quest for paging.

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