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Broadcast Paging

Can anyone shed some light on the requirements for connecting self-amplified paging speakers up for CM to use? I was told that it should just hook up to an FXO port.

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Re: Broadcast Paging

We've been doing this for quite some time, using an FXO port to connect to a Valcom paging unit. Works quite well with our Call Manager deployments.

You can setup the router with the FXO port as an MGCP or H323 gateway (we use H323) and then pass calls to the device. Use a dial-peer statement to direct the call out the FXO port to the Valcom unit.

Valcom has some new paging units that are IP Enabled, which shouldn't require an FXO port, I haven't set one up yet, but they look pretty interesting.

Tim Medley - CCNP+Voice, CCDP, CWNA

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Email me if you have more specific questions.

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Re: Broadcast Paging

I've been using the Valcom VIP-820 & VIP-800's for some time now with great success. All of their VIP units plug into the IP network. The VIP-820 also plugs into an FXS port to get it's extension. The 820 acts as a control unit as it is the only unit connected to FXS. It communicates to it's associated zones (the VIP-800 units) via IP. The VIP-800's plug into to a local paging amplifier, the speakers are then wired back to the amplifier. When I dial the number for paging I get to the central VIP-820, I can then dial a code for all page that will send the signal to all the 800's or a code for an individual 800 if I want to pick a particular zone. The IP zone control was particularly important for me because I don't have a physical copper cable between my two buildings. The solution was remarkably cheap too, maybe $200-500 per control unit, plus the cost of speakers and amplifiers. I did have some problems connecting the 820 to an FXS in a VG200, I ended up using a port on a VG248 and it has worked flawlessly.

- Jim

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Re: Broadcast Paging

As with the others I have connected a variety of Valcom, Avaya, and Bogen zone page controlls to FXO ports from Call Manager. Generally the system simply sees it as another route.

I also have an installation that was using only digital facilities (no FXO's) so I looked for another low cost alternative to connect paging. What I eventually used was an FXS port connected to a Valcom Centrex Page Adapter. This scenario allowed me to use on of the analog ports (FXS) that I had already purchased.

Basically I ring the station that is attached to the page adapter (I made this 1 digit to streamline the application). The device senses the ring and makes the connection to the zone page controller - which produces a tone. The user then punches in the appropriate Zone and makes the page. Works really well and with little additional cost.

Either is pretty easy - if you want a basic diagram let me know and I will send a viseo drawing of the hookup


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Re: Broadcast Paging

I am trying to connect a BOGEN TPU-100B to an FXO port. When I dial my route pattern (55), the IP phone just hangs me up. Cisco TAC has no idea on this one. Do you have any suggestions?

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Re: Broadcast Paging

You need the Bogen TAM-B (Telephone Access Module). It will allow you to connect to an FXO port on your gateway.

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Re: Broadcast Paging


Has anybody connected a 2 port or 4 port FXS module to a TAM-B and got it working?

All the posts that I have seen so far mention ATA or VG224.

Customer has ordered a couple of VIC3-4FXS/DID modules which will mainly connect to fax machines but wants to know if the ports on this module are compatible with the TAM-B ports.


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