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Bulk delete Phone Lines in CCM

Is there a way to bulk delete lines in certain partitions using BAT or other tool, if any?

Upgrading from CCM 3.3.X to 4.1.X. Phones were created with roll over to 2nd line to accommodate limitations of Call Waiting on 3.3.X. example Line 1 # 1000 Partition 1 would Forward Busy to Line 2 # 1000 Partition 2 then Line 2 # 1000 Partition 2 would Forward Busy to voicemail. Moving to 4.1.X with single line Max Calls / busy trigger there is no more a need for the above setup. I know for fact that the upgrade process will change the default Max Calls/Busy Trigger to 2/1 from 4/2 to keep the setup the same as 3.3.X. I can bulk edit/update Line 1 to rollover forward busy to Voice mail and change phone template to single line, but cannot figure a way to bulk delete the Line 2 in partition 2.

Any input/ideas/workaround is appreciated from folks who have migrated / upgraded CCM servers from 3.3.X to 4.X and have successfully converted to single line.



Re: Bulk delete Phone Lines in CCM

there is no bulkEdit delete of phone lines from ccm tools.

perhaps you can build a custom phone template that only has one line and BAT the phones to use that template.

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