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New Member

Bulk Edit enhancement

I'm not sure the best place to ask this, but we need to add alternate extensions to every subscriber in our dialing domain. It would be helpful if Bulk Edit had an option under Alternat Extensions similar to the Transfer options, Append these digits to subscriber extension.

If the Bulk Edit author is around, is this something that might be added to the tool?

Cisco Employee

Re: Bulk Edit enhancement

Yeah, I've got a couple requests for this type of thing. Just takes cycles to do it - I'm a _little_ leery about this type of thing because alternate extensions are a little squirly - they're not reserved "slots" like, say, custom attributes in Exchange. So there's no way to go an delete alternate extension 4 for everyone and replace it with something else - everything is stored into an unsorted bucket (something I've been pinging the developers about for a while now - changing it and making it backwards compatible is "non trivial" as they say). So adding new alternate extensions is a bit of a one way operation unless you want to wipe out all alternate extensions for everyone and start over.

There is a tool you can use today that doesn't ship with Unity but you can download it from here:

It slurps in from a CSV - you can dump your user info with Subscriber Information Dump and just include the alias and extension number and then use Excel or the like to tack on the numbers you want to a new column and then suck it in using the cleverly named Alternate Extension Adder - a couple manual steps involved but still a good deal faster than doing it by hand.

I could add the "transfer string" type functionality to the alternate extenions page the next time I cycle around to the tool - probably near the end of the 4.0(3) development cycle (we're a little buried in my small Customer Applications Team right at the moment). Folks just need to be aware of the dangers involved here.

New Member

Re: Bulk Edit enhancement

That works for me. Anything beats visiting 400+ accounts on four servers with web/SA.

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