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Bulk Edit

I need to change and enable Message Notification parameters to 100 users 'Work Phone' settings. Is there an easy way to do this without going to each user page? Bulk Edit does not have the option to do this.<br><br>


Re: Bulk Edit

It's hard to edit a field that is different on each subscriber and isn't going to be set to a specific value... I did this with the extension numbers by allowing rules to be applied to existing extensions but for delivery phone numbers such rules generally don't work well because the dial strings are not strictly formatted (i.e. they'll have commas and may be various digit lengths etc...).

What change were you trying to apply to all these guys, just so I know what you were trying to do?

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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Re: Bulk Edit

We have an 'Opportunity' with a current Unity integration with a Mitel SX-200.

We have been having MWI problems. We followed the integration guide and everything appeared to function great. However, the Mitel installation is a multi-site install (connected with T1 tie trunks) and VM lights on the remote site were not working unless we put the MWI ports in the same COS as the VM ports. We now have the problem of when a userA (that has a new VM message) calls another userB phone and is forwarded to VM, the mitel see's the call as if the userA called the VM direct and turns the light off... So, to make an even longer story short, we configured the Work Phone to dial the string for MWI on every 15 min or so, which works, and we need to add such a value to each user along with changing the schedule when it can dial.

I so wish this was an IP integration...

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