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Bulk Import and duplicate DTMF access ID

I am trying to bulk import my users into unity 4.03 from Exchange 2000 and it will not allow me. I recently had to rebuild my unity server which had the same subscribers, but now the new build is telling me that there is a duplicate DTMF access ID for the users while importing. I have used the remove subscriber properties tool and do not see the subscribers in the subscriber tables in sql. What am I missing. I AM IN DESPRATE NEED OF HELP!

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Re: Bulk Import and duplicate DTMF access ID

You might check the DtmfAccessId table to see if they are some how lingering in there still, I believe that's where CUBI is checking for duplicates.

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Re: Bulk Import and duplicate DTMF access ID

Could be that the users in the directory were pulled into the local system as "global subscribers" - these are users that Unity sees in the directory and assumes they are associated with subscribers on another Unity box in the same directory. If the two Unity servers are in the same dialing domain (Defined on the location page in the SA) then it'll not allow you to conflict with their extension numbers.

That's just a guess, but you can check it out using CUDLE real quick - you'll find this tool in the Tools Depot on your desktop in the Diagnostic Tools section - it's name is "Data Link Explorer" - pop it open and go to the DTMFAccessID table (or the vw_DTMFAccessID view - either one). Sort by the DTMFaccessId column and look for an extension of a user you know is not in the system and you are trying to import - if you find it, move your mouse over that row's "ParentObjectID" column - a little pop up window should show up telling you the display name and object type - tell me what that says. I'll betcha it says it's a global subscriber. If so we can fix this up.

If not we're dealing with a weird CUBI bug I'll have to run up to the dB group.

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