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bulk speed dial list in CME

I have a CME 4.0 running 12.4(4)XC3. We are attempting to use the bulk speed dial feature. If we just have a regular number in the csv, it works no problem. We are having some dificulty with the pauses though. We also have noticed that there seems to be a digit string maximum length, after which it stops sending digits. It seems that this limit is at or around 24 characters. As far as the pauses go, we managed to get them working fine from an SCCP FXS port, but when we try dialing the same speed dial from a 7960, the pauses get stripped out and the whole digit string gets pushed out in one shot. I am basing this on a debug vpm all and watching the dialed digits. I will probably open a TAC case, but I'm curious if anyone has gotten this to work.



Re: bulk speed dial list in CME

CME 4.0 does have a "bulk speed-dial" feature which allows you to load a file (to router flash) that maps abbreviated dial codes entered by the user into real pstn numbers. This mechanism allows the expanded pstn number to be hidden from the phone - such that the placed calls history shows the abbreviated dial code as entered by the user and not the real pstn number.

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Re: bulk speed dial list in CME

We have been loading a .xml file into flash with the speed dial pre-configured.

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