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Busy Greeting

I am running a pilot pre-production rollout here at my company. We are replacing an old Repartee system. Issue #1 - Users cannot edit/record certain Greetings even though they are enabled (e.g. no prompts to record the "Busy" greeting in a conversation, but they can record via Active Assistant) Issue #2 - Users on Repartee can address new messages using the first three characters of the last name OR hit ## and address by extension. Unity seems to have no such abilty. One or the other. Confirmations? Thanks<br><br>


Re: Busy Greeting

Issue #1-
You can't record the busy greeting over the phone. You're limited to your standard, off hours and alternate greetings over the phone at this point.

Issue #2-
Once a user logs into their mailbox and hit 2 to create a new message they are prompted to spell the user name or enter the extension. They can hit ## to switch between addressing modes at this point. Is this different that what you are seeing?


Keith Chambers
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Re: Busy Greeting

#1 - When you say "at this point", does that mean that somewhere in the future this will change?

#2 - No. I just never tried the ##. Ooops. The Repartee voice prompt tells the user that, where the Unity prompt does not.


Re: Busy Greeting

getting the other greetings in the TUI (#1) has been in the hopper for a while but it never gets enough traction on it to get on the deliverables list. It's not on deck for 3.2 (what they'll be calling 4.0 now), I can tell you that much. The best I can suggest is hitting your account team up to get a request into PERS and bump it up the conversation's team priority list.

Jeff Lindborg
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