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Busy message on screen ?

Hi everybody.

I'm a technician working for a school board. We are currently working on deploying our new Cisco IP Phones and we are nearly done.

I was wondering if its possible, like with the Norstar system, to have a message telling us whether the person you are calling is busy on the phone. With our old Norstar system, it would display "Busy" on the LCD screen, allowing us to use the callback feature. But now with the new system, we dont get anything, thus, making the callback feature quite useless.

I sure hope im gonna get some answers here. I`ve been looking all over this site and the web for an answer with no luck at all so far.

Thank you so much !


Re: Busy message on screen ?

Call the number and press CallBack while listening to the busy tone or ring sound. Hang up. When the extension becomes available, your phone will provide you with an audio and visual alert. (The callback to this number is not automatic; you must place the call.) To view the status of call back notification, press CallBack while the phone is idle. To cancel call back notification, press Cancel.

CallBack is a special feature that your system administrator might configure for your phone. You will not have access to this feature by default.

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Re: Busy message on screen ?

Thanx for the information, but this doest not solve my problem.

I am aware of the callback feature, but without having an indication that the person we are calling is busy on the phone kinda makes it useless.

If we had gone with the busy tone when the person was using his phone, the callback feature would be interesting. But we chose to remain like we were with the old system. When the person is busy on the line, the phone will ring and give the opportunity to the person called to put his 1st call on hold and answer the second. Sadly, with this fonction, nothing on the phone indicates that this person is actully busy on the line. With our old Norstar system, it would display BUSY on the lcd screen. This is the fonction we would like to have back.

Is it possible ?

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