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Busy Ports

I have a situation where on occasion, at random, the analog ports will slowly all go to a busy state. This can take anywhere from a day to a week to occur. Once all ports have busied out, it then becomes apparent when calling into the Unity. The switch is a Meridian Option 11c Mini with 25.30 software. The Unity is 2.4 Build We are thinking maybe there is a timer issue that is a little too much or not quite enough. Customer says that the lockups seem to be more frequent when employees are in the field and calling in remotely. This busy scenario is very hard to duplicate the Unity monitor shows all ports as being idle. Stat/trace on the 11C shows busy on the analog port. The integration type is serial with a Calista (2616 emulation) for MWI.<br>Help me Obi-Wan...<br><br><br>


Re: Busy Ports

Does it happen to all of the ports on Unity, or just ports set to dial out for notification? If it's happening to just the ports for dial-out notificaiton, configure the \CommServer\Utilities\RestrictDial.exe utility for the times that the Nortel is set up to do maintenance. If it is happening to all ports, contact TAC. We'll need to gather traces. We have another site (although at a different build than where you're at) reporting the same thing.

Steve Olivier
Software Engineer
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Re: Busy Ports

All 4 ports were set up for notification. I have removed ports 1 and 2 from notification. we will monitor the system and should know something by Monday or Tuesday.
Thanks for the help.

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