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Busy ports

We upgraded unity from 2.4(6).102 to .135, our TSPs are at 3.02 and the call manager was upgraded from 3,08 to 3.12c. 8 ports programed. When you call to VM the first call gets in but no other calls will enter vm untill the 1st call has hung up, Unity will only answer 1 call at a time, the ports are all registered with CCM and test okay.<br><br>


Re: Busy ports

What does a caller hear when a call is on port 1 and another caller calls port 1? Busy, Re-order, Ring no-answer? We'll have to determine if CCM is not sending the call to other ports, or if it is sending calls to other ports and Unity is not answering. That can be determined from either CCM or TSP traces.

Are the Unity ports set to forward busy on CCM?

Steve Olivier
Software Engineer
Cisco Systems


Re: Busy ports


See my most recent post

thanks for the quick response


Re: Busy ports

Cisco called back on this issue and the older version's of call manager had the CMI and unity ports active and it was a conflict but did not register the conflict and VM worked with the unity ports

Under 3.1.2c CCM does care about the conflict and the calls were defaulting to the CMI port which can typically be used for a SMDI connection, the CCM never accessed the unity ports.

Corrective action: (Disable the CMI)
Go to Start/Settings/Services/ right click on properties find the CMI, right click and change the startup type field to disabled and apply. Do this on publisher and subscriber.
Cisco TAC said that we whould have to restart the Call Managers but it was not required.

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