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busy tone on 2nd port to Unity

Unity version is V2.4.6.135<br>Call Manager version is V3.1.2c<br>TSP version is V3.0.2<br><br>voice mail ports have directory numbers 2501 to 2508 and are set to forward on busy/no answer in a hunt group. 2501 is assigned to the message button through CM service parameter.<br><br>Phones are set to forward on busy/no answer to 2501. When leaving messages everything works ok and more than one message can be left to different subscribers simultaneously (and you can see more than one Unity port in use through Port Monitor).<br><br>But when you try to retreive messages, only one subscriber can get through at a time. ie if someone presses the messages button and someone is already in Unity then they get a busy tone - and Port Monitor shows that the 2nd port does not get used.<br><br>You can get more than one person retreiving messages at a time if they dial different ports - eg one on 2501 and the second on 2502, but if they both dial the same port then they get busy tone.<br><br>So it looks like the Call Manager forward on busy in not working, but it IS OK for leaving messages which also uses the same forward on busy on the voicemail ports.<br><br>Anyone got any ideas?<br><br><br>


Re: busy tone on 2nd port to Unity

Do you have a VoiceMailDn configured for the Cisco Messaging Interface (CMI)? If so you need to remove it and stop/start CallManager.

CMI is only used in an SMDI integration. CMI should not be installed on CallManager if you plan to integrate it with Unity.


Keith Chambers
Unity Technical Lead
Unified Voice Team, San Jose
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