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c549 DSP - Per Call DSP Usage... ???

Hi ALL !


C549 technology is available to support either medium complexity codecs or high complexity codecs.

C549 voice cards support four voice/fax-relay calls per DSP with medium complexity codecs.

C 549 voice cards support two voice/fax-relay calls per DSP with high complexity codecs.

We have VFC board:

show vfc 1 board

VFC board state is UP, vfc status VCWARE running(0x4)

VFC board in slot 1 with 30 dsps

Does this VFC board support max 120 simultaneous calls

with g729r8 codec ?

Thanks for ALL !

Cisco Employee

Re: c549 DSP - Per Call DSP Usage... ???

I could be wrong, but that sounds right to me. g729r8 is a medium complexty codec and if you have 30 dsps and 4 calls a dsp you would be 120.

Hope this helps,



Re: c549 DSP - Per Call DSP Usage... ???

Can't tell from this. Do a 'sh vfc 1 dir' to see what DSP code the voice card is running. The filename will tell you if it is running C542 or C549 DSPs. If you have C549's and a 4 port E1 card, then you should be able to make 120 calls using medium complexity (G729/G711) codecs.

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Re: c549 DSP - Per Call DSP Usage... ???

hi, Sir :

why i cann't use the command show vfc in my router 3845, IOS is 12.4(24), what's the command is familiar to show vfc

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