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Calista Integration

I am having a problem with the Calista boxes that we are using to connect Unity with a Nortel PBX. I have tried several things and lets see if you know what I might be doing wrong.

I programmed one Calista to have Port A as MWI and Calls and Port B as Calls only. when I connect into my system everything works as planned. Now it is time to dasiy chain the second box. I reprogram Port A on the first box to be MWI only and program Port A and B on the second to be Calls only. Everything works except MWI.

I have unplugged the SMDI calbe and connected to my laptop to make sure that I can manually turn on the MWI feature and this works. I call Calista and they said that if I am able to turn on the MWI manually, then the Unity is not sending the proper information to the Calista.

What configuration on the Unity am I missing. I need both boxes because this is an 88 port system.

Cisco Employee

Re: Calista Integration

So Unity was successfully setting MWIs when you had a single PBXLink configured? This means something in you configuration changed beyond just adding the daisy chain. It sounds like inbound data is still working for you (incoming calls are going to the right greeting). That tells us the serial link itself and COM port settings are still ok. The next thing I would check is that the MWI request sent by Unity (use the Integration Monitor) match up with what you were sending from your laptop.


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